Player Ratings & Points Standings

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About your NADO rating: Player ratings are determined by using the highest PPD and MPR found from qualifying league and tournament play. Qualifying play means 24 or more games per type in a league event. Players might play multiple leagues, play for more than one franchisee or play in NADO Remote Leagues. The PPD and MPR values used may come from different sources.

Tournaments: In addition we also use stats from tournaments tracked by NADO. In most cases a single tournament event will not generate the required games to be counted. We also understand that a single day of tournament play might result in a player over achieving from their normal abilities which can certainly happen. For this reason when using tournament stats we combine all tracked tournaments together and take the overall average per game type to achieve those results. Tournament adjustments show up on the main ratings page (All Franchisees) with an info icon "" which designates an administrative adjustment. If you see the info icon by your rating you will need to click on the Select button to view your profile then click the Change History button on your profile to view your actual current Points Per Dart and Marks Per Round. Changes will include a comment with the new stats and why they were changed.

Using "Select Franchisee" option: Players can select a franchisee from the drop down list. However, using this option will only show the player's rating for stats from the selected franchisee and will not show the NADO rating used for NADO play. Some franchisee's may wish to use the NADO ratings system but may not want use stats from other franchisees or tournament play in their events. Additionally this allows a player to see accurate results from where their various ratings may come from.