FAQs-NADO Continental Finale

What is the NADO Continental Finale?

  • The Continental Finale is an annual Player Rewards Program Finale Tournament hosted by NADO. All players must be at least 18 years of age and meet all other requirements.
  • The Continental Finale features six events in which players can earn prizes, four of which also award points toward the Ton 80 Club and Continental Bonus Pools.
  • Any points earned at Local Franchisee post-season finale events DO NOT count towards points totals for the Continental Finale.


How do I qualify for the Continental Finale?

  • Players must have 96 total NADO affiliated league games during the prior NADO regular season. The NADO regular season operates beginning July 1st of each year and ending June 30th the following calendar year.
  • Player ratings to be used for team caps will also lockdown on June 30th.


How are the Divisions determined?

  • The players are placed in the divisions based on skill rating as of the rating lockdown date of June 30th. Each division’s size and prize pool are determined based on actual player participation during regular season and post season finale.


What is the Uncapped Points Leader Invitational?

  • While players can only earn 160 capped points during the season, ALL points are tracked during the year and players can continue to earn uncapped points all season. Players with the most uncapped points at the end of the season are eligible for this event.
  • NADO will post a list of uncapped points leaders at the end of the season and the top 96 men and 48 women will be eligible for the event. Eligible players must register for the event online.
  • This event does not award NADO points.


What other events are available at the Continental Finale?

  • The Continental Finale will also feature a Singles Showcase with separate men's and women's divisions, a Blind Draw with separate men’s and women’s divisions, capped Doubles events, and capped Triples events, as well as the Sunday Finale Points Shootout.
  • The Blind Draw, Doubles, and Triples events will award 5 NADO points each for participation.
  • To be eligible to play in the Sunday Finale Points Shootout, players must also have at least 75 capped points (including points awarded at the Continental Finale events). Players must register for this event online in advance as well but will qualify by Sunday if they have a minimum of 60 capped season points at the time of registration and play in all three of the Continental Finale events that award points.


What is the Sunday Finale Points Shootout?

  • The Sunday Finale Points Shootout will have 2 separate divisions for men and women and each gender class will have divisions based on skill level.
  • Players in each division will be classified as an A, B, or C based on player ratings in that division.
  • The event is a blind A/B/C draw which means an A rated player cannot draw another A rated player and a C rated player cannot draw another C rated player.
  • Players will earn 15-55 Rewards Points based on their team’s finishing position on their bracket.


Do I have to be one of the best players to win a big cash prize?

  • No – of the 160 NPRPs available during the regular season only 10 points are awarded based on finishing positions in MPRTs. At the NADO Finale Points Shootout event players earn between 15 and 55 points based on finishing position in each blind draw division. All other points are earned for participation.
  • Eligibility for winning prizes in the Ton 80 Club and Continental Bonus Pools are based on the total regular season points plus Continental Finale points earned.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Get as many of the 160 NADO NPRPs as possible at home through league and MPR Tournament play. You can get 150 NPRPs based on participation regardless of your skill level.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • Attend the NADO Continental Finale.
  • Have fun.