Member Player Rewards Tournaments

NADO tabulates a player's participation and results in a franchisee's local Member Player Rewards Tournaments when that tournament is a designated NADO franchise MPR Tournament. NADO then rewards points to players accordingly. The NADO season starts on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the following year. Players must be 18 years of age to earn NADO Points (subject to local rules which may require a higher age).

A NADO franchisee's participating locations earn the right to host these events based upon a league participation schedule established by NADO. Since players earn points by participating in a NADO designated MPR Tournament these events will typically have a higher player turnout than similar non-NADO events. There are format and scheduling guidelines that maintain fairness for the competitors as well ensuring the highest possible turnout for the host venues. Additionally there may be minimum board requirements as established by the local franchisee to ensure that events are finished in a timely manner.

Point Schedule:

  • 5 Participation Points for every NADO designated Member Player Rewards Tournament that a player participates in without forfeiting up to a maximum of 60 MPR Tournament participation points per season.
  • 2 Bonus Points for winning or being the highest placing female in a NADO designated Member Player Rewards Tournament up to a maximum of 10 Win/Place MPR Bponus Points per season.
  • 1 Bonus Participation Point for 4 MPRTs with qualified participation up to a maximum of 15 Bonus Group Participation Points. League Bonus Participation Points and MPR Tournament Bonus Participation Points are combined to form the Bonus Participation Group.

Points earned in excess of the caps stated will be accumulated toward eligibility for the NADO Finale Friday Continental Bonus Pool Invitational Event in October after the end of the regular season.

See "Rules" for more information regarding Member Player Rewards Tournaments.