BullShooter Europe Trip Remote Tournament Rules



Remote tournaments by their very nature come with different dynamics than many of our regular local tournaments which may be more social than competitive in nature. In many cases our remote tournaments consist of higher entry fees, higher prizes and a higher level of skill required to be competitive. Remote tournaments also require a higher level of commitment by the players for these tournaments to be successful. Higher top prizes such as trips, etc. create additional hurdles that require guaranteed funding in order to be successful.

Our remote tournaments also cover many different markets that in some cases had different local rules regarding various aspects of the game or their local tournaments. For these reasons we hold our remote tournament players to a higher standard than our local tournaments and those standards are reflected in the rules below.


BullShooter Europe Remote Tournaments:

There will be multiple qualifier events. These events are run as a remote tournament series. The top 2 teams from each of four weekly tournaments within a series event will advance to the finals held on the 5th week. While we state that this is a 5-week event (4 qualifier weeks and 1 finale week), the actual schedule may not be on 5 subsequent weeks as we may skip some Saturdays due to scheduling conflicts with major dart events or holidays.

Description: These are 4-week series of remote tournaments. The BullShooter Europe Tournament series events are 2 Player teams. They can be Handicapped or non-handicap, Capped Tournaments. Teams must be at or below the posted team caps as listed for each event. Player rankings are determined by the sponsor and posted on the sponsor website. We will check player ratings frequently against other sources, and reserve the right to adjust player ratings as deemed necessary. This may result in a refund should the registering team be over an events team cap.

Any player that advances to the finals may not compete in another qualifier for that event. Players not advancing to the finals in an individual qualifier event are eligible to compete in additional qualifiers within the event series. Players are not required to remain on the same team when competing in additional qualifiers.

Each of the preliminary qualifier events will be limited to 16 teams. The sponsor at their discretion may increase the limit on entries and modify the races for any event or series. There is a minimum of 8 (EIGHT) Teams required for a qualifier to be held on the scheduled date. If a series of 4 qualifiers fails to meet the minimum participation requirements after attempts to reschedule have failed the sponsor will refund all entry fees to all participants in the series.


Player rankings for team caps can be found here:



Event listings and registration can be found here: http://nado.net/bullshooter-europe-trip-remote-tournament


General Rules for All Divisions:

Contestant EligibilityA participating team shall consist of two players. Both players must be regular North American Dart Organization affiliated league players with no less than 96 dart league games of any kind in at least 5 separate league nights during the 12-month period prior to the event date. All players must be at least 21 years of age. A North American Dart Organization affiliated regular league player is defined as any North American Dart Organization affiliated League Player. A player playing in a league program that was acquired by a NADO affiliate during the event eligibility dates will be allowed to count their league games played prior to the acquisition if they are documented and made available to NADO. Any North American Dart Organization affiliated league games played on NADO affiliated operator dart boards are counted. 

Do not enter this event if you are unable to obtain a valid passport. U.S. citizens see: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html


Ineligible: NADO employees, immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) or household members of employees are ineligible. Employees, agents, outside contractors and representatives (whether paid or unpaid) of a dart game manufacturer, distributor or operator or a competing dart league operator are ineligible.


BullShooter Europe Remote Tournament Entry Fees: The fees for this tournament will be posted on the NADO website per qualifying tournament they choose to play. The Finals will not have an entry fee.

Players will be required to pay for the cost of tournament and practice games as they are played during the event.

Boards & Schedules: These tournaments must play on Arachnid Galaxy 3 remote boards owned by North American Dart Organization affiliated operators and located in a regular or remote NADO dart league participating location. The availability of the Galaxy 3 boards will be the first to sign up will take precedence in the location. NADO franchisees at their discretion may choose to designate available dartboards to satisfy their own potential scheduling conflicts. All tournaments will be run through Compusport and League Leader.

Registration: Registration is done through the NADO website with deadlines as determined and posted on that site. Registrations will close on the Friday before the scheduled tournament at 7 am Central Time but may be subject to change. Registrations will close once the event is at capacity. All tournaments will be played through League Leader as leagues on the board.


Teams must submit a team captain and a working mobile telephone number for tournament communication. NADO uses Group/Me text messaging to communicate with tournament players. Players should accept the text messaging group request they receive after registering. Text messaging rates may apply. GroupMe also has an app that players can use instead of SMS text. Make sure to have notifications enabled if using the app or that messages are unmuted if using SMS text. Players are expected to check in on GroupMe before the tournament and to use it to communicate with other players and the Tournament Director.


Start Time: All tournaments will start at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Players must be at their respective tournament venues and contact the Tournament Director by 12:30 pm Central time.

NADO reserves the right to reschedule any posted events based on insufficient registration numbers, any major dart events that may impact participation or holidays as deemed appropriate by NADO. Registration fees are non-refundable except for any event rescheduled by NADO in which case a team will be issued a refund if requested 48 hours prior to the registration deadline for the that particular event.


Tournament Play: The races of matches in the tournament will be determined by the team cap for that event. All Teams must be ready to play when they are posted on the bracket. Any match that has not started within 5 minutes may be forfeited at the Tournament Directors discretion.

Corking is done before each match to determine Home Team; the Home Team then throws first. Corking is also done when a tie breaker is needed. Who corks first when corking: The team on the top of any match as seen on the Compusport bracket corks first. Who goes first in corking remotely has no material influence on the corking outcome or the eventual game outcome because there are no darts in the board; each player throws, as in a traditional cork. This method is merely used to keep things moving.

How to cork: The cork is a one round game of Count Up with a double bull as found in the league selection menu. Each team elects a player to cork. The selected player will throw all three darts. The highest score after three darts for each team wins the cork. If there is a tie, then the other two players on the teams will start a second game of Count Up with the top team on the Compusport bracket remaining the home team. If, in extraordinary circumstances, there is still a tie after both people on each team have thrown three darts, then repeat the process until the tie is broken.

Players Responsibility: It is the players responsibility to verify that their NADO Player Ranking is correct when signing up for Remote Leagues or Remote Tournaments. With that responsibility they need to verify that the Player Rating is the highest rating listed. Players may have multiple listings for their average, based on being listed numerous times from their perspective NADO Franchisees players account, due to misspelling, proper names, and nicknames. Some players may play for numerous Franchisees which will show listings for each Franchisee played for. When searching your name on the NADO Players Rankings page, make sure you are only listed once and you may need to search for multiple spelling of you name to make sure you have the highest average listed. NADO reserves the right to refuse entries, forfeit matches or make judgmental decisions on circumstances that may arise when mistakes are made.

Capped Tournaments: The tournament team caps, games, and formats will be noted on the NADO website registration page and is subject to change from event to event. The Qualifier winner’s bracket race to 3 wins. The Qualifier loser’s bracket will be a race to 2 wins. The 8 team Finals will be a race to 4 on the Winner's side, and race to 3 on the Loser's side. We will cork for the start and cork for tie-breaker games (Game 5 in qualifier winner’s bracket, game 3 in qualifier loser’s bracket, and game 7 in the finals). Loser starts next game except tiebreaker games. Tiebreaker game will be the same as game 1 on the match.

Handicapped Tournaments: Teams will play in qualifiers based on ratings at time of registration. Ratings will be checked again and adjusted to current ratings prior to finals events.

Round Limits: ’01 games will have a 15-round limit and Team Cricket/400 games will have a 15-round limit.

Advancing Winners: We use Compusport Scorekeeper for our remote tournaments. If you are not familiar with Scorekeeper, please see instructions here: http://nado.net/compusport-score-keeping-instructions. It is required that at least one person on each team have the ability to score the match. The Tournament Director will be available to assist you should you have any problems.

Dart Board Malfunctions: The score registered on the dart board will be considered FINAL in ALL discrepancies. Do Not Manually Score Darts.


Additional Notes: Game Viewer will be used during these tournaments. With this option enabled in the league, the board will record the matches and provide a video to review. This will help us to better handle disputes and catch other tournament problems as they happen.

Once a team has won a spot in the finals, they are ineligible to participate in the remaining qualifier rounds.

If scheduling conflicts require that more than one tournament series are ran on the same date, then a player can only participate in one series event per date. If a player has competed in a qualifier but did not make the finale the player may compete in the other qualifiers on a different date. We will be having subsequent tournament series events and a player that has not won a trip may compete in subsequent events.

A player can win only one trip regardless of the number of events they compete in. Should a player or players become ineligible or otherwise unable to accept a trip prize earned, NADO, at its discretion based upon time available and airline or other travel restrictions may elect to award the prize(s) as follows:

  • Should both players from a winning team be determined ineligible or unable to accept the travel

    prize then the prize for that event will pass down to the 2nd place team.

  • Should the 2nd place team be ineligible then the prize would pass onto the 3rd place team and so forth.

  • Should only 1 player’s travel prize pass down to a lower finishing team for any reason then the tie breaker between the 2 players on the receiving team shall be player with the most NADO rewards points at the time the trip becomes available. If both players are tied in points at that time, then the next tie breaker will be NADO affiliated games played at that time. If a 3rd tiebreaker is needed, then the 2 players in question will play a single 3 dart round of Count Up to determine the winner.

Rules not specifically covered in this document shall be covered using the National Dart Association rules or determined by the NADO Tournament Director as needed.

The Tournament Director shall have sole discretion to decide any rules not covered in these documents or any discrepancy or ambiguity that may exist.


Disqualification: Contestants or players may be disqualified for reasons that would damage the integrity of the contest and the North American Dart Organization affiliated league program including but not limited to any of the following: Cheating, misrepresentation of the North American Dart Organization affiliated league program or associated prizes, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any other infraction that damages the integrity of the program whether the infraction takes place during this contest or during any NADO affiliated league or tournament event. North American Dart Organization affiliated league management shall have sole and final discretion in application of this rule. Any disqualification may result in prize(s) being revoked.


Grand Prize: BullShooter Europe 2025 Championship Trip

  • Round trip airfare with one checked bag. Air travel plans will not be finalized until BullShooter Europe sets dates and location.

    • Air travel options to be selected by the sponsor may consist of the following: Round trip airfare from a departure city selected by NADO to our final European destination. NADO will make every effort to select a major airport within a reasonable travel distance from your NADO home league area.

    • Airfare is for one seat. Additional seats, upgrades, in-flight charges, etc. are the player's responsibilty.

  • Once BullShooter Europe finalizes their plans for the 2025 event we will update this page to reflect the actual air travel portion of the prize to be awarded. Spouses and significant others are welcome to join the NADO group and take advantage of the NADO group discounts at their own expense. We realize that several will want to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and will make every effort possible to accommodate these guests.

  • 5-7 nights’ double occupancy accommodations for the winning team at BullShooter Europe and/or other venues on the itinerary during the BullShooter Europe 2025 Championship Tournament.

  • BullShooter Europe Player Pack Event Entry Fees into BullShooter Europe 2025 Championship Tournament events in which the player(s) may be eligible to compete under BullShooter Europe rules. The sponsor will not be held responsible for any rules of the event that may disqualify a player from participation in any event.

  • Additional costs incurred by players at their option including sightseeing functions, other open events, bringing spouses or significant others, flight changes, extra or oversized baggage and room upgrades, or additions will be at the players’ expense.


  • Departure and return dates will be determined by the sponsor. (Exact dates will be made available when schedule is determined by the BullShooter Europe management.)

  • Sponsor reserves the right to select airline, hotel, room type, and travel schedule based upon best available rates.

  • Additional charges to travelers based on airline rules including but not limited to oversize baggage, additional baggage, seat restrictions, printing fees, seat upgrades, seat changes, meals and beverages not included in base ticket price, oversize passengers, pets and/or service animals, date changes, etc.

  • Air travel, ground transportation and lodging changes and other expense items outside the scope of the original Grand Prize parameters requested by the winner or any travelers shall be at the winner’s /travelers expense. This includes any costs incurred for travel selections outside the NADO group destinations and schedule. Contact Sponsor for details.

  • Taxes: All players will be responsible for any applicable taxes resulting from prizes earned in any North American Dart Organization affiliated league or tournament promotions.

Other Notes: Players are responsible for getting their own passports to claim the prize. They are also responsible for all other costs including souvenirs, food, additional events, spouse’s cost, and anything else not listed above in the prize fund.

Restrictions to receive prizes: Proof of ability to accept Prizes is required by all winning contestants including but not limited to possession of a valid passport and legal ability to travel outside the U.S. If a player is deemed ineligible to receive or accept the travel prize for any reason including but not limited to government-imposed travel restrictions, inability to take time off, illness, or any other reason then the applicable prize will be awarded to the next eligible player according to the “Trip Award Precedence and Tie-breaker Rules.”


Additional Legalese:

  • Sponsor: The sponsor of this contest is North American Dart Organization located at 1400 S. Raney St., Effingham, IL 62401.

  • Odds of Winning: The odds of winning are based upon the actual number of entries.

  • Skills and Effort Required: The sport of darts is a game of skill. Skill will be required to win this contest.

  • Use of Name and/or likeness: By participating in this contest a contestant agrees that North American Dart Organization affiliated is granted the right to use their name or photograph(s), etc., in announcements and marketing materials promoting this event or similar future events.

  • Unforeseen events: The sponsor (NADO) is not affiliated with BullShooter Europe, its ownership, or its management and as such cannot be held responsible should the BullShooter Europe event be cancelled, postponed, or have rule changes that would make contest winners ineligible to compete. Should some unforeseen issue occur that would drastically affect the sponsor’s ability to award the prize or the prize winner’s ability to participate, the sponsor reserves the right to provide a substitute prize at its discretion.


Revised 05/15/24