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The North American Dart Organization (NADO) is a network of coin-operated dart league operators that utilize a unique player rewards program to promote the sport of soft tip electronic darts. What makes this program unique is that players are rewarded for both participation and skill with a major focus on participation. Skill will always be a factor in determining the outcome of the game but our focus on participation means that many players with modest levels of skill will have an opportunity to earn much larger rewards than are typically available to them from other events.

Just like your gas, hotel, or airline rewards membership, NADO affiliated players earn rewards points for participating in a member operator’s leagues and tournaments. Reach the very first goal and be rewarded with cash back for your customer loyalty. Reach higher goals and open the door to several opportunities to win even larger sums through competitively leveled dart competition.

Whether you are an avid fan of the sport of soft tip darts or just an average league player, you should consider playing in a program that earns you cash back.

Players of modest skill levels have an opportunity to earn higher rewards in the form of cash prizes than are generally available to them through any other means. Participation in local traditional and remote league programs that are ran by local franchisees and continental remote leagues ran by NADO is the primary way to accumulate player points that will earn the players cash prizes. Prizes are awarded on both the local and NADO level. This means that players can earn cash prizes without attending the NADO Finale event. 

As previously stated, skill is always a factor as many prizes are still awarded through competition. Participation points will determine starting standings in the annual points race while leveled competition will determine the final standings for many of the major prizes.

For those that wish to earn even larger prizes, they can also attend the NADO Finale event where an additional estimated prize of approximately $250,000.00 will be awarded in October each year.

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We awarded over $1.4 million in total prize money last season through local NADO tournaments, NADO remote leagues and tournaments, and the NADO Continental Finale. 

2022-23 Season Totals