FAQs-Local Bonus Pool

What is the Local Bonus Pool?

  • This is where a player can earn some bonus cash from the Local NADO Player Rewards Program just from playing in local leagues and tournaments in a NADO affiliated dart league program.
  • The Local Bonus Pool is a pool of cash set aside for the top point earners at the end of the season of local NADO affiliated dart league programs.
  • The size of the Bonus Pool is determined by the size of the participating local dart program.
  • Player’s final local season point totals are calculated and cash prizes are awarded based on the player’s final point standings finishing position and the associated prize for that position.


How are ties handled?

  • Players tied for the same position will share the total of all prizes in the tied positions equally.
    Example: Player A & Player B tied for 5th Place. 5th Place prize was $700 and 6th Place was $600 for a total of $1,300. $1,300 divided by 2 = $650 paid to each of the tied players.


How does a Player get points in the Local NADO Player Rewards Program?

  • Players earn regular season NADO NPRPs by competing in affiliated local and remote leagues, local Member Player Rewards Tournaments (MPRTs), NADO-managed remote leagues, NADO-managed Daily Remote Tournaments (NDRTs), and NADO-managed MPRTs.
  • A player can earn up to 160 NADO regular season points in their local markets.
  • A player earns 2 NPRPs for each match played in affiliated leagues and 1 NPRP for each NADO-managed NDRT up to a maximum of 75 league participation points.
  • A player earns 5 NPRPs for attending a local or NADO-managed MPRT up to a maximum of 60 MPRT participation points. (An average of one MPRT per month will get you there.)
  • A player can earn 2 Bonus NPRPs for winning or being the highest placing female in a NADO MPRT up to a maximum of 10 Bonus MPRT points. This is the only area where skill might be a factor.
  • A player earns 4 Bonus Participation NPRPs for every 12 nights of league play and 1 Bonus NPRP for every 4 MPRTs they attend up to a maximum of 15 Bonus Participation NPRPs.
  • Some NADO Franchisees may also elect to host an end of season points race event where additional local post season points can be earned. This is up to the local NADO Franchisee and will vary between markets. Local post season points do not count toward the National NADO rankings for various reasons.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Check the league and MPR Tournament schedules and participate as much as possible to get the maximum points available in each of the point rewards segments.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net to follow your progress.