FAQs-NADO-Managed Remote MPR Tournaments

What is a NADO-managed remote Member Player Rewards Tournament?

  • These are remote dart tournament events operated by the NADO office on the Franchisee’s electronic dart boards that participate in NADO Member Player Rewards Program.
  • To accommodate small markets, limited seasons, geographic issues, and player schedules, NADO hosts remote MPRTs on most Sundays throughout the year.
  • These events are handicapped Bring Your Partner Doubles events and players must register online through NADO’s registration program by 7 am central time the Friday before the tournament.
  • NADO players are awarded 5 National Player Rewards Points (NPRPs) for each NADO-managed MPR tournament in which they participate up to a maximum of 60 participation points per season.
  • NADO players are also awarded 2 NPR bonus points for winning an MPR Tournament and women are awarded 2 bonus points for being the highest placing female if they are not among the winners. Players can earn a maximum of 10 MPR Bonus Points per season.


Are the NADO-managed remote MPR Tournaments just open to NADO players or can anyone play?

  • They are open to players who have an established NADO rating and have played at least 48 league games in the previous 12 months.
  • Player ratings are determined by using the highest PPD and MPR found from qualifying league and tournament play. Qualifying play means 24 or more games per type in a league event. More information regarding NADO ratings can be found here.


Are there other specific rules regarding MPR Tournaments?

  • If multiple teams are playing at one location, there must be a separate dart board available for each team.
  • At least one person on the team must be able to view the bracket and score the match on Compusport and communicate with the bracket and tournament manager using GroupMe.
  • Other rules are available here.


How are NADO MPR Tournaments tracked?

  • NADO will use the online Compusport program to track MPR attendance and results.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • Have fun.