NADO Gold Rush Tourneys

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Thursday: Cricket/ 01 (Capped Handicap)
Winners’ Side: Race to 2. ALL Cricket 200 (Handicapped Spot Marks)
Losers’ Side: Race to 2. 501 Freeze Open In/Master Out, 701 Stacked Open In/Open Out, 501 Freeze Open In/Master Out (if necessary).
Note:  Master out is Double, Triple, Bull out only!
Maximum Handicap spot marks is 12 per team, (Reverse Handicap Points 55%)
Maximum Teams 16


Start Time: 6 pm Central Time

This Tournament may run longer than most have run during the week; be prepared to play later due to the number of potential teams playing.  Make sure your bar that you are playing at is planning on staying open late.  Matches will not be suspended due to location closure; the team playing at that location will be forfeited.

NDRT Tournament Entry Fees: $50 per Doubles Team

  • $38 Tournament Prize Fund
  • $2 Local PRP Program
  • $4 Spectacular Saturday Prize Pool
  • $6 Payout Processing and management fee

Gold Rush Fees (optional): $24 per Doubles Team. This makes your team a “Prospector Team.”

  • Gold Rush Prize Fund: $20 per team
  • Gold Rush Seed Fee (used to create large prize pool after Mother Lode is won): $4 per team




  • Tournament Prize: Same as NDRT
  • Gold Rush Prizes:  Multiple ways to win (only available to “Prospector Teams”).
    • Mother Lode - 100% of Gold Rush Pool: Mine Boss Team wins tournament without losing a match.
    • Gold Nuggets – 50% of Gold Rush Pool: Mine Boss Team wins tournament with one loss.
    • Gold Dust – 20% of Gold Rush Pool: Prospector Team knocks Mine Boss team into Loser’s bracket.
    • Gold Dust – 20% of Gold Rush Pool: Prospector Team knocks Mine Boss team out of Loser’s bracket.

“Mine Boss Team”

  • “Prospector Team” becomes a “Mine Boss Team” when selected by the IL Lottery’s Pick 3 drawing using the NADO formula.

Mine Boss Team Selection Process:

We will be using the Illinois Lottery Noon Drawing Pick 3 on the following day of the tournament played, using this formula.

Total Amount of possible #'s= 1000
1000/Total teams in that tournament= Range of Numbers per team.
Number drawn / Range of Numbers per team.
That Number rounded up to nearest whole number.
Use that Number to pick team on Chart starting count with Round 0 then to Round 1
000=Last Team on Board. The reason that 000=Last team on board is so that it is equal /count 000 as 1000 instead of 0

Example 1:
13 Teams>>Lotto number is 500
500/77= 6.49>>7th Team

Example 2:
9 Teams>>>Lotto Number is 395
1000/9= 111      
395/111= 3.55>>>4th Team

Example 3:
18 Teams>>>>>>Lotto Number 196
196/55.55555= 3.52 >>>4th Team

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