BullShooter Europe Trip Remote Tournament

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 BSE 2024 #3
 120 Doubles











 BSE 2024 #4
 135 Doubles












*Dates subject to change


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BullShooter Europe is currently scheduled for Spring 2024 in Europe; dates & location to follow as available.  

Qualified NADO affiliated players will have several opportunities to win trips to the 2024 BullShooter Europe. 

Our BullShooter Europe Remote Tournaments consist of four qualifier tournaments per each series followed by a final tournament for the top 2 teams from each qualifier. The winning team from the final event will win a trip to BullShooter Europe 2024. Doubles teams that fit the team cap requirements compete in a qualifier in an attempt to advance to the final event. Various events between June 2023 and the end of February 2024 will be held in order to qualify several players to join the NADO group in Europe. The team caps for the various events may change for the next event.

Each qualifier is a double elimination event. These events are run as a remote tournament series. Each qualifier is limited to the first 16 teams that submit online entries. The final tournament is an 8 team double elimination event. 

Entry fees are $120 per team. Once you have qualified for the Finals you are exempt from playing in the rest of the qualifiers for that tournament series. All NADO Locations are eligible for play. You must be at least 21 years of age to enter this event. Players must have 96 NADO rated games in the last 12 months to be eligible. 

Each qualifier's finals will be scheduled for one month past the last qualifier date if it does not conflict with any other major events. This way if we do have to reschedule one of the qualifiers the finals date will not change. A team qualified for an earlier finals may choose to qualify in the next qualifier series. Should they win the earlier finals they will be refunded their entry fee for the later one.

NADO staff will determine which players get to compete as Team USA in the International team competition.

Be sure to check the Rules page for exact description of the prize.

Entries are limited to the first 16 doubles teams to sign up (minimum of 8 teams for this event to play) so be sure to follow us on Facebook or check this site often to keep actively informed on all the details.

Player ratings for team caps can be found here: http://nado.net/nado-player-ratings

Team USA information and rules can be found here: http://nado.net/bse-2023-team-usa-selection