FAQs-Local MPR Tournaments

What is a Local Member Player Rewards Tournament?

  • These are NADO sanctioned tournament events hosted by league venues that participate in NADO member dart league programs.
  • NADO players are awarded 5 National Player Rewards Points (NPRPs) for each sanctioned MPR tournament in which they participate up to a maximum of 60 participation points per season.
  • NADO players are also awarded 2 NPR bonus points for winning an MPR Tournament and women are awarded 2 bonus points for being the highest placing female if they are not among the winners. Players can earn a maximum of 10 MPR Bonus Points per season.


Are the sanctioned MPR Tournaments just open to NADO players or can anyone play?

  • They are open to the public and we will even track MPR points for players that do not currently play in an NADO league in case those players decide to join a NADO league program later. Not only does this have the possibility of introducing the NADO program to player not currently active in a NADO league this can serve as an incentive to that player to join a NADO league.


How is the MPR Tournament schedule determined?

  • The local NADO league operator will schedule these events with participating NADO dart league locations using guidelines established by NADO.
  • There is a schedule that determines the number of MPRTs awarded to a location based on league participation. This gives the venue another incentive to be involved in promoting NADO leagues.
  • There are other scheduling guidelines that maintain fairness between participating venues.
  • There are exceptions for small and outlying markets so that players in these markets can be competitive in the NADO Player Rewards Program without having to drive excessive distances.


Are there other specific rules regarding MPR Tournaments?

  • Yes. There are several things to ensure that all players have a chance to be competitive. Among those: specific days and start times; competitive formats; restrictions on same date events.
  • Minimum number of dart boards are required as determined by the franchisee.
  • Rules that allow an MPR Tournament to be split into separate men’s and women’s events.


How are NADO MPR Tournaments tracked?

  • NADO will use the online Compusport program to track MPR attendance and results.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • Have fun.