FAQs-Local 101 Club

What is the Local 101 Club?

  • This is one of the easiest ways to get Player Rewards cash back just from playing in local leagues and tournaments.
  • A player becomes a member of the Local 101 Club when they achieve 101 or more NADO Regular Season Nation Player Rewards Points (NPRPs).
  • The total Local 101 Club points for all the players in the Local 101 Club from the local franchisee’s participating leagues are divided into the Local 101 Club prize pool to get a value per point.
  • Players are then awarded the calculated prize amount from the pool of money in the Local 101 Club.


How does a Player get 101 or more NADO National Rewards Points?

  • Players earn regular season NADO NPRPs by competing in affiliated local and remote leagues, local Member Player Rewards Tournaments (MPRTs), NADO-managed remote leagues, NADO-managed Daily Remote Tournaments (NDRTs), and NADO-managed MPRTs.
  • A player can earn up to 160 NADO regular season points in their local markets.
  • A player earns 2 NPRPs for each match played in affiliated leagues and 1 NPRP for each NADO-managed NDRT up to a maximum of 75 league participation points.
  • A player earns 5 NPRPs for attending a local or NADO-managed MPRT up to a maximum of 60 MPRT participation points. (An average of one MPRT per month will get you there.)
  • A player can earn 2 Bonus NPRPs for winning or being the highest placing female in a NADO MPRT up to a maximum of 10 Bonus MPRT points. This is the only area where skill might be a factor.
  • A player earns 4 Bonus Participation NPRPs for every 12 nights of league play and 1 Bonus NPRP for every 4 MPRTs they attend up to a maximum of 15 Bonus Participation NPRPs.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • You may even decide that since the 101 Club is so easy to reach that you might as well get the additional points available to have a chance to cash in on the local bonus pool money or even some of the National NADO prize money available.