COVID-19 Rule Changes for 2019-20 Season

All of us have suffered the economic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Just as franchisees have suffered financially, so has the NADO program.

We had set the following goals for any adjustments to our program:

  • Make adjustments that are fair to as many players as possible.
  • Minimize the impact on our league players.
  • Keep all players as competitive as possible in terms of individual point standings toward Local Season Finale and NADO Season Finale competition.
  • Not create a program adjustment that would be unfair to the players that have been active in the program.
  • Not create a program adjustment that would deter players from returning to league play when the laws or rules allow.
  • Assist franchisees with alternative plans regarding Local Season Finales that will ensure the growth of the NADO program at the local level. Each state will have different guidelines regarding large social events.
  • Maintain an inaugural NADO Finale event that will ensure the growth and future of the NADO program at both the local and national level.

With these goals in mind and considering the unforeseen financial impact of the pandemic we are proposing the following solutions for the remainder of NADO’s first season.

Rest assured that we have discussed several options at great length. Some ideas included giving players COVID-19 furlough points. That task was daunting as there a were several factors that came into play that would affect the fairness of that possible adjustment.


In order to cap out on points, players would only need to play one night of league play for 38 weeks and attend an average of one MPRT event per month. This in fact has always been our recommendation. Some franchisees do not run Summer leagues. We are aware that some players, for various reasons, may double up on league nights and/or MPRT events toward the end of the season.

The actual dates that a franchisee is not allowed to hold leagues differs by state and sometimes city or county. Some have started in May. Others may not return until after July 4. Just giving out points could have served as an incentive for players to stay home as opposed to rejoining the league.



Our plan is to extend the end date for this season until August 31, 2020. This results in 62 extra days which is almost 9 additional weeks in the season.

We will still be starting the 20-21 season on July 1, 2020. This means that players competing in July and August will be double dipping by earning points in both seasons.

The expected results of this plan are as follows:

  • Depending on your state you may get between 2 and 3 post COVID-19 months of league play.
  • Players will earn the points they get this season as opposed to being gifted.
  • Ton 80 Club: This is awarded to any players at or above 150 regular season points that attend the NADO Finale. There are currently 68 players at 150 points and above. Allowing 8-13 additional weeks to earn points will allow between 200 and 400 players to achieve this level.
  • Double dipping points for July and August will provide an additional incentive for players to participate in Summer leagues. This should provide a nice shot in the arm for you and your league locations. Tournament locations should also get a nice turnout should they choose to run MPRTs during these months.
  • Player must have 96 league games and 75 NADO points in order to compete at the NADO Sunday Season Finale. The additional weeks will allow more players to become eligible.



In some states, local tournaments may be affected more than league play. Many states will have crowd limits of 10, 25, 50 or more for some time after venues open back up. In addition, local finale event funds for each franchisee are likely be below expectations due to the pandemic.

Local projections for tournament prizes likely will suffer as well. No doubt adjustments will need to be made in this area.

Each franchisee will have different opinions and options on hosting a local finale event. For this reason, we plan on working with each franchisee individually in order to form the best plan of action for their situation.



The options a local franchisee chooses in regards to their Local Season Finale will have an effect on their Local 101 Club and Local Points Race. Once again, each franchisee will determine their own course of action.



This event is still on track as scheduled for the first weekend in October. In fact, we expect to have a very good turnout for this event barring a second wave of COVID-19. With many state and national dart events being cancelled, this will be the only major event for many of our NADO players in 2020.

    At this time, we do not anticipate a serious reduction in our attendance and associated entry fees. This could change should there be a second wave of infections. Due to the pandemic we are going to be short in the added prize money funding area. Under our current model we still estimate a total of $167,325.00 awarded in competition events.

  • TON 80 CLUB
    The Ton 80 Club is also expected to receive a total of $20,000.00.  

    This event is considered the main draw as it’s top prizes for the highest placing men and women in the points race is the opportunity for a player to earn a large prize. Having multiple levels for this event also meant that we would be rewarding top prizes to players of various skill levels.

    The total prize for this event is expected be $75,000.00.


SUMMARY: The result would be that even after COVID-19 the Inaugural NADO Season Finale would still pay a total prize purse of approximately $262,325.00.


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